Can I do this? I “CAN” do this!

All of my life, I have loved and cared for people facing challenges especially my Brother, Bally. I have watched my parents and other parents provide the best possible life for their “special” children or family members facing challenges. The ups and downs of caring for a person facing challenges can be filled with tears of joy and tears of frustration. The frustration, from what I have found, is not that there are not enough services or programs, but the difficulties of finding those services and programs.

Bally is now in his forties, and life with him has been a blessing. However, we have faced challenges that would not have been so difficult if we had had one organization to guide us to the services and programs we need to better his life. The following is one example; we have a wonderful case manager and care provider for Bally. However, Bally has always worn diapers and when he was in his late thirties we were informed that the diapers had always been available to us at no cost. It is not that our management team was not aware that he wore diapers – it is the fact that no one thought to ask where we would get his diapers. The list can go on and on for families: Where can we find a doctor? Where can we find transportation? How do I get a waiver? How do I find Medical Equipment? Where can we live as a family or where will my child live when I am gone? How on earth can anyone fill out all of this paperwork and still care for not only our family member facing a challenge, but our other family members as well?

People with special needs and those facing challenges can live wonderful, meaningful lives. Those we will serve may have been born with special needs or been hurt in an accident. They we serve may be Wounded Warriors, elderly or individuals going through treatments, such as cancer. Families need to spend their time caring for the family members facing challenges, not spend their time searching out the services, resources and programs that can be provided to them.

Many have asked me why is our logo a “can”.  For years, Bally would carry a small can around as a security item. Bally would imagine this can was a drum, camera, radio or anything that would come to his mind. I realized, if Bally could make this can into anything he wanted. Then, we CAN help those facing challenges and their families live more productive lives. To become involved with the Bally Foundation, please visit our other pages. I do hope that our website helps your family. As you know, those with special needs and facing challenges are blessings and not burdens and together we CAN help each other.