Bally Community

Families with a member living with a developmental disability and or physical disabilities face many obstacles. One of the gravest concerns of these parents/families is the fate of their loved one after they can no longer physically care for their needs. There is a real need to provide an option for their adult children with disabilities that encompasses residential living, working and playing in a community setting. Unfortunately, today’s living options for those with disabilities is a “One size fits all” mentality.  Many today live in isolation.  We know we can provide so much more! We can provide a lifestyle for our residents that are both person centered and faith based. With a person centered program, each day has meaning and purpose. And with a faith based community, our objective is to treat every individual we are privileged to share life with as a precious person made by God who not only has a right to life, but one worth living. By creating an extended family for these individuals through community living, families can find comfort and peace that their loved one will be cared for as a family member, even after they are gone.

Family and relatives of our residents will make a commitment to be actively involved with our communities.  Our communities will serve as a hub for residents and family members to develop friendships and organize interpersonal social support networks with the purpose of enhancing community living, both on and off the campus. A unique feature of our communities will be the ability to respond to the strong desire for many parents to live with their loved one with a disability with the support of a larger community and the available services.

We will employ people with specialized training who have a passion and commitment for caring for people with special needs. The ratio of staff to residents will depend on the level of need required by the residents.