Family Programs

How our site helps your family

The Bally Foundation is in the process of developing a secure log-in area where a family member, care giver or an individual with facing a challenge will create a profile. The information you provide can be as much or as little as you would like.  The information provided will allow our matching system program to search the resources and services in your area that can enrich your life.

Another scenario, may be that you are going on a vacation or perhaps looking to relocate.  You will be able to look by region, state, city or zip code.

The more fields you provide the better which will allow us to assist you and your family to have a more enriched life.  There are many fun activities for people with facing challenges that we can help you to locate, for example: Horse Therapy, sailing, water skiing, art classes, performances, sporting events and vacation spots just to name a few.

The profile you create will also allow you to give permission to a care provider or new guardian to see the likes and dislike of the person with facing a challenge; which will make life easier for all involved.