Become a “CAN” Do Person

The Bally Foundation logo is a CAN. My Brother, Bally, carried a can around for years. He would make believe that this can was a drum, camera, walkie talkie and many other items. I believe that if he could make his can into anything he wanted, then we CAN directly connect people with special needs and their families to services and resources to enrich their lives.

The Bally Foundation will spread our mission to those families of people with special needs individuals face to face with our volunteers As a member of our “CAN” DO Team you will agree to purchase 100 official business cards with your name on them. When you are in your community and see a person with special needs or their family, please approach the family, offer them your business card and let them know that The Bally Foundation is the “One Stop Shop” for them to be connected to service providers and resources for their family.

We at the Bally Foundation thank you for your time and commitment to enrich the lives of those with special needs and their families.